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You might be seeking help because….

You struggle with

  • Having low self-esteem
  • Struggling with something happened in the past you're afraid to bring up again
  • Trusting people
  • Repeating unhealthy relationships patterns
  • Feeling lonely but trying to seem okay on the outside
  • Feeling used and disrespected by others
  • Feeling completely overwhelmed

You looking forward to:

  • Embracing and accept who you are - yes, even the messy bits!
  • Being able to set healthy boundaries that are respectful to you and others.
  • Creating trusting relationships
  • Understand, process and overcome painful past events
  • Learning to manage your feelings in a healthy way
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What to expect from therapy?

Before your first session
Click the 'Schedule Appointment' button and choose a convenient time for your first session.
You will read the counselling agreement and fill in the intake form.
You will be asked to pay the fee of the first session during the booking process.
You will automatically receive the Zoom link once you booked your appointment.

In your first appointment
You will log in via the Zoom link to the session.

The purpose of the first meeting is for you to see whether you feel like you can open up to me and feel I can help you. It's also an opportunity for me to find out more about you and your background. I will start the session by asking what brings you to counselling and going over any highlights from your intake form. I will try my best not to make you feel interrogated but it's important that we cover what we need to. I know it's hard to know sometimes even where to start, but you just relax and I will help you piece things together.

In the last 10 minutes, I will check in with you to see how you feel about the session and working together. You can also ask any questions about me, my style, or my experience. If one of us feels we are not the right fit for each other that is completely fine. My purpose is that you get the help that you need so I won't be offended if you don't click with me. I will try my best to help you find someone else who might be a better fit.

After your first session
Be kind and gentle with yourself after the session.

Counselling can provoke lots of emotions so take some time to yourself.

If we didn't already agree on a time for our next session, please email me to book your next session.

If we decided not to move forward, I will email you with recommendations.

Fees & cancellation:

50-minute weekly or fortnightly online session: £85

Fees are payable prior to each session.

A minimum of 72 hours of notice is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment. It is for any reason cancelled/rescheduled less than 72 hours prior, the full fee will be charged.

Training & Experience:

I have been trained in pluralistic counselling which means that I use several different therapeutic approaches tailored to your needs. Some of the modalities that I use are person centered, creative, cognitive-behavioural, and attachment theory. I believe that the most important element to successful counselling is having a trusting, caring relationship between us. I want to make you feel heard and I will often ask for your feedback on what you find useful and maybe not so helpful in the sessions.

I received specialist training to work with survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. I utilize the phase-oriented approach to help you first establish safety and coping strategies to then be able to revisit and process your painful emotions attached to the traumatic memories. The final stage is about developing a new sense of self, finding relationships and new meaning for your life.

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Online counselling & requirements

To fully benefit from online counselling, it’s essential that you have a safe, confidential space, stable wifi connection and a laptop, pc or smartphone. I use Zoom or Teams to hold the sessions, due to security reasons I am unable to provide sessions via any other platform. I am only able to provide online counselling for people  living in the UK.

Online counselling gives greater flexibility for people and a wider range to counsellors. However, in certain cases online counselling might be unsuitable. To find out more, please go to the FAQ section.

Is counselling confidential?

Yes, anything you share with me will be strictly confidential. Confidentiality is subject to the following exceptions approved and required by the British  Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy(BACP): 

-In accordance with these professional requirements, I am obliged to have my work  supervised. Anonymity is maintained at all times during case discussions. 
-To comply with BACP requirements of continued professional development, I must attend  training events to enhance and further develop my practice. In all circumstances, any  discussion of case material is anonymised. 

The information you provide during counselling sessions will be treated as confidential unless

-you are considered to be at risk of serious harm or
-you are considered to be at risk of causing serious harm to others or
-there is a legal requirement to reveal information or
-you have agreed for the counsellor to share certain information with specific medical, therapeutic or support practitioners/helpersIn all cases, in the first instance I would seek to discuss the matter with you before taking any action if possible.

How many sessions will I need?

It depends on the issue that you want to work on. Short term work (6-12 sessions) usually helpful when there is a clear focus and the problem is relatively new. Historic difficulties usually require open ended, long term counselling.

When is online counselling  unsuitable?

Only counselling is not recommended when the client is a victim of domestic abuse as it can be unsafe for them. It is also recommended that people seek face to face sessions when they are struggling keeping themselves safe, have suicidal ideations and self-harm. If you uncomfortable using technology, it’s also recommended to speak to someone in person.

Do you attend your own therapy?

Yes, I attend regular personal therapy. I feel it’s essential that mental health professionals do their own work to make sure our struggles won’t influence how we support you.

Am I ready for counselling?

Counselling requires a financial and time commitment. It’s also important that you have capacity to practice what you learnt in counselling during the week and complete any homework.

I have a hard time trusting counsellors, I am concerned that I will have to tell you everything.

This is a very valid concern. I would never ask you to trust me, my only request is that you work with me and give what I have to offer a chance. We will always go at your pace and you only share what you are comfortable with.

Still have some questions?

If you can't find the answers to your questions on my website feel free to send me an email. Click on the button below and fill out the form. I can't wait to hear from you!

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