Photo of Timi standing by the water.

If you are just a little bit like me, you want to know if the counsellor that you speak to will get you, not only because they are skilled, but they also have a story that shaped them into who they are. I want to share some of my story with you so you have a sense of who is behind this work.

This is how it began…

To cut to the chase, I came from a highly dysfunctional family.

I grew up with an abusive father and an emotionally absent mother. I didn’t get a good start in many ways and I struggled for a long time…

The neglect, abuse, and enduring conditions left me with long-term issues - I developed crippling anxiety during my adolescence, and I had very low self-esteem. I coped as much I could - in some helpful, but mainly destructive ways. It felt like I had to raise myself as there was nobody to rely on.

One thing that helped me survive is that I turned my lack of control into searching for answers in psychology books. Even though I couldn’t change what was happening to me, the knowledge I gained helped me to realise that it was not my fault and empowered me to escape my family.

Illustration of a little girl sitting.
Photo of Timi walking by the water.

Even though I was safe for the first time, I didn’t feel better. I was haunted by the past, and I couldn’t control my emotions. I didn’t understand how to move forward and make sense of my life again.
I had no other option but to ask for help as I was not accepting a future full of struggle.

I was lucky enough that the first counsellor I went to I instantly felt a connection with. Slowly, with baby steps, I started to heal.

In the following years, I became committed to working on myself and my interest kept growing in training as a counsellor myself.

In 2017, without ever visiting the UK before, I moved here and I started my 3 years of training in counselling. First I felt so much shame about where I came from and I felt if anyone knew what I’ve been through they would tell me I am not good enough to help other people.

However, I gradually discovered that my pain made me very sensitive to the pain of my clients, especially to those who had painful childhoods. My experiences became my most helpful tool to relate to my clients on a deep and intimate level.

I am deeply committed to supporting the people who give me the privilege to become a part of their stories. I hope you will find useful in your healing journey my blogs and social media content. Don’t forget to make use of the free video recording I made for you so you can feel calmer and take back control over your emotions. If you want to work one-to-one with me, please get in touch and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

I am glad you are here.

Work  Experience

New Pathways

2021 - Present

Counsellor supporting victims of sexual abuse.

Affordable Talk

2021 - Present

Self-employed counsellor offering low cost sessions to the community.

CIC Wellbeing

2020 - Present

Advice line counsellor completing clinical assessments and offering emotional support calls.


2020 - 2021

Counsellor in placement providing short-term sessions.

*Practicing since 2018.


BA (Hons) Counselling and Therapeutic Practice

2017-2020 University of South Wales

Narcissistic traits & emotional abuse.
2022 Liberation Therapy

Clearing the fog -working with adult children of narcissistic parents.
2022 Liberation Therapy

Working safely with trauma (level 3)

2020 New Pathways

Working with grief

2019 St David’s Hospice Care

Photo of Timi's diploma.

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