Regain power over your painful past with online counselling.

Your life is passing you by and you’re still ignoring your problems, hoping th

My practice is currently full and I am unable to take on new clients at this time. If interested, you can sign up for my waiting list. Thank you for considering me as a therapist.

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Stop missing out on life.

Your life is passing you by and you’re still ignoring your problems, hoping that somehow they will go away on their own. Are you struggling with something that happened in the past but afraid to bring it up again? Do you find it hard to trust people and develope healthy relationships? Or is that your low self-esteem & anxiety push you into people-pleasing and neglecting your own needs?

Whatever it is, I am here to listen. It's time to drop pretending that everything is okay and figure out what's holding you back. You don't have to go through this alone anymore and it's okay to prioritise you.

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Are you ready for better?

Everything you need is already inside you and I will help you see that. Imagine that your life isn't full of sadness, grief, trauma, and pain? How would things be different?

With me on your side, I'll guide you to understand where your problems came from and equip you with tools to overcome them. Therapy isn't easy, but it's an investment for a better future. I am here to give you space, time and to challenge you to go deeper. Are you ready to make the jump for a more confident, empowered you?

I am Timea Lukacs.

I am a BACP registered counsellor running an online private practice based in Cardiff, Wales. I have worked with a variety of issues, but I am most passionate and experienced in supporting people who struggle with low self-esteem, people-pleasing, loneliness & lack of intimacy, and difficulty setting their boundaries. Many of my clients also experienced varying degrees of trauma whilst growing up including bullying, neglect, emotional, sexual, or domestic abuse.  I am the go-to counsellor for people who are ready to challenge their fears and look at what's been holding them back. I will hold your hand and pull you back as you discover your darkest corners. I cannot wait to get to know you!

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